18 – 19 May 2022 | Messe Dortmund

Legi Air 6000


Legi Air 6000

Legi-Air 6000
Sporty performance: up to 2400 labels per hour
The new high performance Legi-Air 6000 applicator will label passing cartons of varying height quickly, accurately and without tiring. With a DIN A 6 label format and product height differences of 500 mm, it will clock 2250 cycles per hour.

Overview of the Legi-Air 6000

High performance applicator: Extraordinary fast and accurate labelling of passing cartons of varying height
Up to 2250 cycles per hour (with DIN A6 label format and 500 mm difference in product height)
Servo motor driven dispensing applicator: Cost reduction
Up to 50 percent faster than applicators with pneumatically driven cylinders
Consistent lightweight design
Carbon fibre material for moving parts
Longer productive times, shorter maintenance times
600 m of labels in line
Modular design: individually adaptable to specific demands