Pneumatic Manipulator,SPEEDYFIL SP,with double cable, equipped with simple gripping tools, allows the handling of light loads in a weightless condition, throughout the working area. The particular double arm structure with middle joint makes it easy to handle and precise throughout the working area. Generally overhead mounted with double track system, it offers an easy translation in order to cover a long working area.

Technical characteristics of pneumatic Manipulators Speedyfil SP

Max weight capacity 50 Kg – 80 Kg
Max working radius: 2000 mm
Max vertical lifting speed: 0,5 meters/second
Constant ∞360° rotation on the column and tooling axis, 360° rotation on the intermediate axis
Vertical lift: 1650 mm – 2150
Control system: solely pneumatic
Supply: filtrated compressed-air (40 µm), not lubricated
Working pressure: 0.7 ÷ 0.8 Mpa
Working temperature: from +0° to +45° C
Noise level: <70 dB
Consumption: from 10 Nl ÷ 30 Nl per working cycle
The explosion-proof execution is possible according to ATEX Standard

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