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The Lila Principle
Purple, or Lila in German, is created by the combination of blue and red. Our success as a logistics service provider has always been through the interaction of thinking and acting or consulting and implementation. Because of this connection, which makes sense for our customers, we have grown since we were founded in 1991 into a listed company with around 1,700 employees. The constant exchange of knowledge and experience between our business units LILA CONSULT and LILA OPERATING enables us to offer you consulting and implementation logistics services that are forward-looking, efficient, and sustainable. All along your entire value chain.

Unique Logistics Services
Our offer in a nutshell: You get exactly what you need. We at Müller – Die lila Logistik reinvent our logistics services for every customer. What helps us do that is 360° thinking. In the cooperation of Lila Consult and Lila Operating we have comprehensive consulting and implementation expertise. It is based on the five pillars: Management Consulting, Logistics Engineering, Interim Services and, in the operational area, Factory and Route.

Highlighted product

Logistikzentrum, X-Dock & Distributionslogistik in Herne

Unsere Stärken am Standort Herne für Sie zusammengefasst ∴ 120 qualifizierte Logistikmitarbeiter im 3-Schicht-System ∴ 18.000 m² gedeckte Lager- und Umschlagfläche ∴ 24.000 m² gepflasterte und bewachte Außenfreifläche ∴ 31 Rampen zur Seiten- und Heckentladung ∴ Umschlagsabwicklung (X-Dock-Abwicklung) ∴ Zolllagerabwicklungen für Import- und Exportgeschäft ∴ Umpack-, Kontroll- und Konfektionierungstätigkeiten ∴ Qualitätsprüfung ∴ Leergutabwicklung ∴ Gleisanschluss (Be- und Entladung in der Halle) ∴ Nähe zum Containerterminal Herne ∴ Fuhrpark und Transportlogistik

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