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EBS Ink Jet Systems has been developing, manufacturing and selling industrial marking systems since 1977. We offer newest technologies and products at attractive prices. Companies in all sectors must be able to rely 100% on their machines. We offer solutions for the perfect labeling of your products.

We value high quality products which makes your life easier. Our printers are reliable, environmentally and cost-effective, even in harsh conditions. With innovations we remain pioneers in the field of industrial labeling. We have already completely revolutionized the market for mobile markers with our handjet.

Topics such development, production, sales and costumer loyality are approached with great enthusiasm. Customers also benefit from the family atmosphere in the company and appreciate the opportunity to contribute their own ideas. With high motivation and dedication of each individual we grow constantly at EBS and look very positively into the future.

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The HANDJET EBS-260 is the big brother of the world’s unique HANDJET EBS-250D and comes with even more convenient features for safe and quick product marking. TheHANDJET series is already established across industries as modern labeling devices for all kinds markings. They stand for economic efficiency, a trouble-free and smooth labeling process and practical handling. What’s new? With a print high of 64 mm, twice as high as the predecessor! Even, 4 lines in one go are possible and logos can be displayed even better. Thank of the comfortable touch screen, you will be even more independent in the future. Creating 1D and 2D barcodes is also possible right now. 2 GB of storage space for your textes and data transfer via WiFi are completing the package. Innovative, practical, economical and with finesse: Labeling with the HANDJET EBS-260.

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