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DALMEC Industrial Manipulators allow the ergonomic, safe and effective handling of any product. We are able to lift every kind of product weighing from 6 up to 1500 kilograms using compressed-air only.

Dalmec is the response to the need to handle loads of different types in enslavement to transport lines, packaging equipment, production processes, etc.
Perfectly balancing the loads, it allows the gripping and handling in a virtually weightless manner in any direction: the operator is able to work effortlessly in maximum safety and ergonomic conditions.

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Technical characteristics of pneumatic Manipulators Partner EQUO – PE Max weight capacity 450 Kg Max working radius: 4000 mm Max vertical lifting speed: 0,5 meters/second Constant 360° rotation on the column and tooling axis – 300° rotation on the intermediate axis Vertical lift: 2450 mm Control system: solely pneumatic Supply: filtrated compressed-air (40 µm), not lubricated Working pressure: 0.7 ÷ 0.8 Mpa Working temperature: from +0° to +45° C Noise level: <70 dB Consumption: from 50 Nl ÷ 200 Nl per working cycle The explosion-proof execution is possible according to ATEX Standard

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