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Dahl Automation brings man and technology into harmony.
Sophisticated automation serves man first.

In order to make production processes economical in the long term and to optimize the work for the employees from an ergonomic point of view, the path ultimately leads to automation. With the goal of a physical relief and significant support of your personnel, a flexible design and future-oriented, cost-reducing further development of your production and intra-logistics, we started in 2009 under the name IIS-UG and present ourselves today as Dahl Automation GmbH.

We change your work – by the use of cobots.

Dahl Automation focuses on the inter-branch automation of small and medium-sized companies with collaborative robotics. As the first partner of Universal Robots in the German-speaking countries, as a partner of KUKA and distributor of the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) Nipper Pallettruck and Robotize GoPal, as well as a producer of central robotic components under our own brand “Roboformance”, we primarily optimize and flexibilize manual workstations.

With our divisions

Collaborative & conventional robotics
Adaptive gripping technology & special grippers
Camera systems, sensor technology and other peripherals
Mobile robotics / driverless transport systems and
Special machine construction & plant integration

we deliver convincing automation solutions from one source.

Sophisticated automation connects people and technology.

For more than ten years, we have successfully focused on safe interfaces for smooth cooperation between man and machine. With our collaborative approach, we provide meaningful support for the employee, secure valuable manpower and lead a perfectly coordinated team of man and robotics to higher efficiency in the production process.

As a Universal Robots Certified System Integrator, we develop and supply individual, application-specific automation solutions for medium-sized companies – from robots and peripheral components to system design & architecture and the commissioning of an integrated system.

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Highlighted product

Dahl Robotic Systems Palletising

The Dahl Robotic System for palletising of a wide range of products or packaging At “Logistics & Distribution”, Dahl Automation is focusing on its own palletising solution with two pallet locations, Universal Robots UR10 e-Series, application-specific Dahl vacuum grippers and our brand new palletising software Dahl LogiSort for Universal Robots. Our driverless transport systems Robotize GoPal and Nipper Pallettruck for payloads up to 1,000 kg ensure intralogistically smooth operation of our pallet locations.

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