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Weber Marking Systems GmbH is the headquarter of the European subsidiaries and was founded in 1980. As a company being experienced in developing, producing and selling highly efficient labeling, marking and coding systems for industrial marking, Weber provides its products to all branches.

Sales includes labeling equipment, inkjet printers and software as well as a world-wide company network for direct selling, service and technical support. In Germany we have a great labels production for custom and stock labels.

Highlighted product

Alpha Compact Plus

Alpha Compact Alpha-Labelers work quick, reliable and without any difficulty. The system is characterized by a simple handling and an enhanced scope of operation. The operation concept is consistently modular designed. Changing the label size via calibration function is as easy within a few seconds possible as changing the label roll. Furthermore calibrated sets of parameter can be memorized and remain also in case of an interface change. Generally there are three different types of interface. A simple and uncomplicated operation via simply designed panel. Enhanced operation field and full parameter access via display. Professional mode without display or panel controlled via USB and parametered. The cabinet indicates consciously similarities to Alpha V40. This ensures a simple exchangeability.

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